East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club

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Field Trial results

169th STAKE: 12 dog Novice Lab Retriever Stake at Shotesham Park by kind invitation of Mr M Watson and the Bailey family.

Wednesday 23rd October 2019


Judges: G.Bennett (A2713) R.Beckerleg (A2812) J.Reed (3557) S.Palmqvist


1st       M Lawrence           Brockaghs Fianait

2nd      not awarded

3rd       R Tomlinson          Lannakers Quartz


CoMs   J.Iacono                Harpersbrook Harrier of Serrara

            P.Hurst                 Laggengill Glen Tilt at Saxthorpe




170th STAKE: 24 dog Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retrievers at Great Livermere by kind invitation of Mr P Rushbrook

Monday/Tuesday 28/29th October 2019


Judges: G.Hillier (A2280) B.Taylor (A1633) M.Skipper (B1917) L.Taylor (B3536)


1st     S Dingle                 Bellspaddle Intrepid

2nd    J Dunckley            Castlemans Oasis of Smithfields

3rd     A Hogsbjerg          Quarnford Pochard of Rufriver

4th     A Holmes              Tagabea Pippin of Riverush


CoMs: P Abbs                  Greenfox Viper of Scarningvale

          S Polley                 FTCh Shallowbeck Baker Boy

          J Coley                  FTCh Flagonhall Hermes of Waterford




171st STAKE: 12 dog All Aged Stake for AV Retrievers at Eastmoor by kind invitation of the Chapman family

Tuesday 12th November 2019


Judges: K.Bedford (A2202) T.Lowe (B3187) J.Collins (3377) P.Truby (3056)


1st                         Not awarded

2nd                        J.Tydeman          Roundcopse Orca

3rd                         L.Crompton        Catcombe Cygnet

Guns Choice         S.Truslove          Ardmuir Pepper