East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club

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EALRC Open Working Test held on 5 May 2019, at Oakley, by kind permission of Mr Andrew West.


Judged by Steve Ellis and Fiona Joint.


1st   A Wright  FTCh Overwtharts Berwick

2nd  B Chesser  Birdsgreen Thembi of Spurgate

3rd   M Allen  Broadmears  Aballeta Tempest

4th   M Tallamy  Brindlebay Brigands

Puppy/Novice Working Test

Hintlesham, nr Ipswich by kind invitation of Mr K Doughty and Mr P Elmy

Sunday 10th August 2019

Judges Mr M Rollinson and Mrs G Thompson



1st       C Raywood      LRD                  Pinfeathers Casanova

2nd      L Ingram          LRB                  Affric Charm

3rd       N Barker          LRB                  Pinfeathers Calypso



1st       G Hosking        LRB                  Bellspaddle Whiffle

2nd      K Smith            LRB                  Braitoft Swiftsure

3rd       G Hillier           LRD                  Bellspaddle Boris of Tofts