East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club

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Open Working Test Sponsored by Kronch.


Held by kind permission of Mr Andrew West, Warren Hill Farms.

Keeper Mr Mark Wiles.


Judges Mrs J Hankey and Mr Paul Wheeler.


1st Place Birdsgreen Thembi of Spurgate Brian Chesser winner of the Dublin Cup.

2nd Place Broadmears Abaleta Tempest Mark Allen

3rd Place Birdsgreen Slipstream Sara Gadd

4th Place Brindlebay Towie of Birdsgreen Sara Gadd Winner of the The Thomas Kidner Shield for youngest dog in the awards.

Certificates of Merit

Gunnerheath Fern of Spurgate Tracey Chesser

Hightowngreen Ebony Verity Easey

Copperwheat Aston Chief Ken Byron


Congratulations to all in the awards.


Puppy/Novice Working Test

Hintlesham, nr Ipswich by kind invitation of Mr K Doughty and Mr P Elmy

Sunday 12th August 2018

Judges Mrs R Wise (A155) and Mr M Elsey


Puppy        1st   S Gadd                  Fendawood Leopold

                 2nd   G Vilder                Lockthorn Flint

                 3rd    J Hoskings            Bellspaddle Whiffle


Novice:      1st  A & O Jennison    Ravensmere All Spice

                 2nd  A Reid                     Riverlily Summer Star

                 3rd  A Bright                   Keepersgun Bee