East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club

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PUPPY/NOVICE WORKING TEST (Limited to 20 handlers) held Sunday 23rd May 2021 at Warren Hill Farms Oakley nr Diss by kind invitation of Mr Andrew West

Judges: Mr R Ketley (A2815) Mr J Sugden (np) Mrs F Joint (np)


Open    1st    S Dingle         Bellspaddle Roscoe

            2nd   B Chesser      Birdsgreen Thembi of Spurgate

            3rd    S Dingle         Bellspaddle Jock

            4th    T Pitcher        Bellspaddle Pip


Novice   1st   J Rollinson    Bellspaddle Oban

             2nd  D Wall            Stauntonvale Cheetah

             3rd   S Dingle         Bellspaddle Hillbilly

           CoM   M Elsey         Marshpark Tramp  

                      K Prentice     Brindlebay Ulla


Puppy    1st   A Ward         Diglake Karusa of Rowansbourne

             2nd  A Peters        Atikonak Bullrush

             3rd  A Pickering    Waveneyway Bomber